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The foreign trade turnover of Kyrgyzstan for the period from January to July of 2018 was $3.8 billion, the National Statistics Committee reported. According to preliminary estimates, the sum that has been reached demonstrates its growth by 14%. Along with that, as it is specified, export operations reduced by 1.6%, while imports, on the contrary increased by 20%.

The decline in exports is due to reduced supply of gold by 22.2%, as well as ore and precious metals concentrates by 7.5%. As compared to the same period of the last year, there was a decline in trafficked gold from 40.1 down to 31.7%, ore and precious metals concentrates from 8.8 down to 8.2%. Besides, the committee reported that electric supplies increased by 16.9%, textile and textile items – 2.2 times, cotton fiber – 2.2 times, and dried leguminous vegetables – by 33.3%.

Increase in imports, as compared to the period of January-July of the last year, is linked to the increase in supplies of clothing items – 2.2 times, fruits and nuts – 1.9 times, leather items – 1.6 times, wood chipboards – 1.6 times, footwear – by 42.4%, ferrous metals – by 41.1%, chemical fibers – by 23.3%, ground means of transportation – by 29.1%, perfumes and cosmetic products – by 25.3%, cigarettes and tobacco – by 19.8%, plastic and items mad of it – by 19,5%.

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