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The citizens of China make almost 80% of foreign migrants in Kyrgyzstan. There are 8760 citizens of China in Kyrgyzstan, who have obtained a work permit. The rumors that the number of Chinese people in the country has reached 100 thousand are not true.

The quota established by the government on September 1, 2018 for foreign specialists is 16490. According to data of 24 relevant commissions, 10961 foreign specialists have obtained a work permit in Kyrgyzstan.

The Chinese are followed by citizens of Turkey – 650 people, the citizens of South Korea – 256 people. The next places in the list are held by citizens of Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and USA – from 60 to 150 people.

Generally, the foreign citizens work in Bishkek – around 52%. The next attractive region however is Jalal-Abad province because of gold deposits.

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