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President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbai Jeenbekov delivered his speech the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, September 25. The press service of the Kyrgyz President’s Office reported that the speech of the country leader is as follows:

“Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Allow me to greet all the participants of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly on behalf of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The global political, economic and environmental situation is changing rapidly.

Trends towards regionalism in the world politics is growing. Price increase, lack of liquidity and a “war” of sanctions in the economy is continuing.

The threat of terrorism and extremism spreads to all countries.

Preservation of environmental balance has become a global issue for the whole planet.

Despite their origin, these issues are the matter of concern of everyone, especially small countries with open economies.

These processes have been sensitive for Kyrgyzstan.

Therefore, I believe that today it is quite time to discuss at the General Assembly the relevance of the United Nations for all people, as well as global leadership and shared responsibility for peaceful, equitable, and sustainable societies.

Using this high tribune of the UN, I would like to outline the issues of national, regional and global level, that are relevant from the position of our country.

The peaceful transfer of power in the fall of 2017 laid a solid foundation for Kyrgyzstan’s further progressive democratic development.

At present, there is political and social stability in Kyrgyzstan.

This gives us the opportunity to set ambitious goals for the medium term.

Kyrgyzstan stands for the development of parliamentary democracy in the country.

The upcoming parliamentary elections in 2020 will confirm this again.

We are deeply convinced that it is the parliamentary democracy that corresponds to the nature of the development of our society.

The fight against corruption remains a priority direction of the state policy of Kyrgyzstan!

Today, we are facing the issues of political modernization and economic development in accordance with the requirements of tomorrow.

First of all, we are focused on the implementation of the judicial and legal reforms and the reorganization of law enforcement agencies.

Sustainable development of all regions of Kyrgyzstan is a key to successful development, and this is the most urgent issue for our country.

We set the task of improving the investment climate, started building the information society, fair and transparent public administration.

Kyrgyzstan will continue to consistently strengthen democratic principles in the development of the state.

Public administration is focused on the needs of every person, ensuring their rights, freedoms and justice in society.

All the above-mentioned reforms of the medium and long term are included in the National Development Strategy of Kyrgyzstan until 2040.

The provisions of the National Development Strategy for the long-term period meet all the requirements of the UN Global Agenda 2030.

In this connection, we hope for further support of the UN and the partner-countries of Kyrgyzstan’s efforts in its development.

Kyrgyzstan remains committed to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Strengthening the entire spectrum of cooperation between the countries of Central Asia, we consider as the most important factor of ensuring security not only in the region, but also in the world.

It is gratifying to note that our cooperation has acquired a positive momentum and has reached a fundamentally new level.

The meetings of heads of state and foreign ministers of the countries of Central Asia have become traditional.

For the Kyrgyz Republic, the issue of water use is extremely important.

The practice of the last decades of using water and energy resources in Central Asia shows the need to develop new approaches.

We are convinced that the integrated use of water and energy resources in the region should be determined by a system of measures aimed at the sustainable development of all the Central Asian states.

Therefore, Kyrgyzstan has consistently advocated the development and implementation in Central Asia of mutually beneficial economic mechanisms in this area.

Cooperation and comprehensive dialogue are considered by the Kyrgyz side as the only and without alternative way of solving existing problems.

In this context, we also see a special role and a new mission of such regional organizations as the CIS, SCO, CSTO, and the EAEU.

Today, overcoming the isolation policy and developing the vector of cooperation and partnership have become very important.

No state is immune from threats related to terrorism and extremism.

The international community must work together more actively to combat this scourge and such phenomena as drug trafficking, trafficking in persons and weapons, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

This is very important for us, as we are at the crossroads of drug trafficking.

Unfortunately, the measures taken by the international community remain insufficient.

It is important to pay special attention to solving this common problem of the region.

Kyrgyzstan reaffirms its commitment to the effective implementation of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and supports the Joint Action Plan.

Coordination of efforts of the states of the region in issues of security, coordination and exchange of operational information is needed.

The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has approved the Program for Combating Extremism and Terrorism until 2022.

I thank the UN for its financial and technical assistance in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, and we look forward to further support for development in matters of security.

The transition to sustainable development is the restoration of natural ecosystems and the environment.

Kyrgyzstan recognizes climate change as a significant threat to ecosystems and people.

We committed ourselves to counteract this global phenomenon by signing the Paris Agreement.

Climate change is having an increasing impact on our glaciers and water resources, contributing to the growth of natural disasters in the mountainous regions of the country.

These are the main topics of the fourth World Mountain Forum in Kyrgyzstan, organized to discuss new ways of development for the prosperous future of mountain regions.

The main issue of regional nature in the sphere of environmney remains the problem of the legacy of the radioactive industry of the Soviet era – uranium tailings.

To solve this problem, Kyrgyzstan held a number of international conferences. At the UN platform on September 27, we hold an event dedicated to the dangers of uranium mining.

With a view to enter a new stage of actions to reclaim uranium tailings, Kyrgyzstan is taking the initiative to update the UN General Assembly Resolution of 2013 on the Role of the International Community in Preventing Radiation Threat in Central Asia.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our development partners, who render our country significant support in solving these issues.

The problems noted above require the joint work of all states, as well as global and regional institutions.

There is a need to create fundamentally new international mechanisms that are adequate to modern challenges and threats.

Our Organization needs changes, and this is already a requirement of time, and the present realities.

This reform should be based on the principles of universality, broad geographical representation and the widest possible support of the UN member states.

Kyrgyzstan seeks to make its contribution to the common cause of the United Nations for peace, global security and sustainable development.

In order to draw the attention of the United Nations and the world community to the problem of small states, Kyrgyzstan has put forward its candidacy for non-permanent members of the UN Security Council for the period 2027-2028.

The support of countries that have not been elected to the UN Security Council will give confidence in the equality of the members and thereby raise the credibility of the Organization and strengthen its credibility.

Kyrgyzstan views the UN as an authoritative and universal international organization.

Ladies and gentlemen!

It should be emphasized that an important factor in preserving peace, stability, development of cultural diversity and tolerance is the deepening of intercultural dialogue.

This was brilliantly written in the works by our distinguished writer Chingiz Aitmatov.

He made a significant contribution to building peace and exchanging cultures between different peoples.

This year, Kyrgyzstan and the whole world celebrate the 90th anniversary of Chingiz Aitmatov.

The initiative of Kyrgyzstan to hold the World Nomad Games on a regular basis was recognized and supported by the UN General Assembly.

These games have shown that, despite all the complexities and contradictions of the modern world, the peoples of the world are striving for unity and creation.

Thank you for your attention!”

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