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The European Union is ready to continue work to support Kyrgyzstan in using the opportunities of the GSP+ status, EU Special Representative for Central Asia Peter Burian told November 30 at a meeting with journalists. Discussion about actions and plans concerning this issue, as he said, took place at a meeting with Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Chingiz Aidarbekov.

Burian said that the process of using this system involves a process of raising product standards. He added that the EU intends to help in this regard through its programs so that standards, especially those of agricultural products, will be raised and meet the standards that can open access to its market.

The EU Special Representative for Central Asia also noted that the second issue to be addressed is the procedure for obtaining certification for export products, and this problem concerns the entire region. He said that it is very important that the imported goods receive this certification and it is affordable. The EU had a conversation about laboratories, expert training of personnel. Burian stated they understand that sometimes entrepreneurs have to go to Turkey or send products for certification to other countries.

As it is known, recently the volume of export of Kyrgyz goods to the European market has increased almost threefold, and an aspiration in the near future is to increase the turnover to 1 billion euros. This is quite possible, and the GSP+ system will contribute to it.

In addition, such effect in bilateral relations will help Kyrgyzstan to diversify the country’s economy and achieve competitiveness in the external market.

Kyrgyzstan received the GSP+ status (Generalized scheme of preferences) in January 2016. It allows exporting more than 6 thousand items of goods to the European market on a duty-free basis. Previously, customs duty for Kyrgyz exporters was 14.6% for some types of fruits and vegetables and 5-9% for clothing.

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