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The year 2019 will be declared the Year of Development of Regions and Digitalization of the Country, Kyrgyz President Sooronbai Jeenbekov stated at a public meeting in Chi province on January 9. He recalled that 2018 had been declared the Year of Regional Development and the bulk of activities were aimed at developing regions, opening new jobs, creating favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas.

For the purposes of supporting entrepreneurs in rural areas, new enterprises were exempted from inspections of supervisory bodies for a period of 3 years, a moratorium was introduced on unreasonable business inspections, new laboratories for product certification and standardization were built, substantial tax relief was given to local enterprises engaged in agricultural processing, and financing of agriculture was improved, etc.

All these and other measures made it possible in 2018 to provide new jobs for more than 2,500 people, more than 200 new enterprises engaged in processing, storage and sorting agricultural products, as well as those active in the field of textile, clothing and construction were opened.

Jeenbekov noted that the development of regions will not stop, but will be intensified, and in subsequent years will remain a priority direction of the state policy. The year 2019 has been declared the Year of Development of Regions and Digitalization of the Country with a view for further development of the regions and introduction of new technologies into the daily life of the society.

He stressed that in subsequent years it is necessary to give impetus to the pace of development, using new technologies on the national scale.“The digitization of society is a requirement of today. This will open up new opportunities for our citizens. The human factor in the provision of public services will be excluded, which will contribute to the eradication of corrupt elements,” the President stressed.

Digital technologies will find their way into all spheres of life – education, medicine, business, tourism, digital infrastructure will be put into the priority order in the work of judicial and law enforcement agencies. The projects “Safe City” and “Safe Road Traffic” will be implemented without fail.

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