Bishkek is the capital, the heart and soul of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as its political, economic, scientific and cultural center and main transportation hub. Its territory measures 160 sq km, with a population of about 1 million. Bishkek is situated in the center of the Chu valley, at the foot of snow capped Kyrgyz mountains of the Ala-Too range, 750 meters above sea level.

The city’s main feature is strict street planning, in which streets only intersect at right angles to each other. Its streets are lined with trees and shrubs of 150 varieties.

As a center of international tourism in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek offers many sights for visitors. The main and favorite place to rest and walk for travelers and guests of the capital is the center of Bishkek, where a great many museums, galleries, shops, parks, public gardens, squares, restaurants and cafes are located.

Oak park is one of the favorite places for citizens to relax, where it is always cool under the dense crowns of trees, and cute and frisky squirrels scurry on the ground. Oak park is kind of open air sculptural museum. Sculptures made of stone, iron and wood are placed one by one and in groups along the park’s alleys, paths and lawns.

“Bishkek open exhibition” which adjoins oak park, is the main gallery of Erkindik Boulevard, where one can admire the works of local painters and craftsmen. Behind the gallery is the main square of the country, Ala-Too Square. The Government House, made of white marble, is also located there.

The square is decorated with fountains; there is also a stage where mass concerts and dances are held. It is also the most common place for military parades, demonstrations, celebrations and festivals. The capital’s art shops offer foreign guests a variety of souvenirs and handicrafts made in such large organizations as Kyal, NGO Zengi-Baba, Altyn-Beshik and Shaarbek, which regularly organize exhibitions and fairs of souvenirs and handicrafts on the squares of the city. Bishkek can be proud of its national, ethnographic attraction, the historical complex of national hero, Manas Aiyly and tourist complex “Kyrgyz Aiyly”. Kyrgyz Aiyly is an ancient history of our capital, where national yurts are set up, reflecting the history, culture and lifestyle of the Kyrgyz people. Here, visitors can relax in yurts, become acquainted with the applied arts of nomadic people, get a feel for the national traditions, and try Kyrgyz cuisine and fresh kumis.

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